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Hair transplantation ranks among the most advanced The most famous plastic surgery in the Arab world And the whole world, perhaps the reasons for this are obvious, the most prominent of which is that this procedure is the best and most effective solution for treating baldness or baldness problems Thin hair in women And men alike.

Hair transplantation has received a large share of scientific and technical development in the field of cosmetic medicine. Artificial hair transplant And the natural, so what is the difference between the two types and which one is better and why?

Candidates to conduct natural hair transplant and industrial

Hair transplantation operations are divided in terms of type – as we mentioned – into two main types: Artificial hair transplant And natural hair, but the choice between them is not always due to the person wishing to treat baldness problems or to the treating doctor, but sometimes the patient’s condition leads to a particular choice only. What is the difference between natural and artificial hair transplantation?

prepare process natural hair transplant It is the most widely used and widely used in the treatment of baldness and thickening of the mustacheBeard TransplantHowever, this type of hair operation is bound by the need for the patient to have an area of ​​hair of good health or what is medically known as the “donor area”, which is the area from which the doctor obtains the natural follicles to re-plant them again in the affected areas, which makes this process appropriate More for people with partial baldness.

While it is considered a process Artificial hair transplant An ideal solution for people with advanced baldness or complete baldness, who do not have donor areas from which to obtain healthy follicles to be re-implanted again, and it may also find benefit with those who lost their hair as a result of burns or any other accident that negatively affected the health of the scalp head or cause damage to skin cells.

Candidates for natural and artificial hair transplantation

Species hair transplant techniques

The field of plastic surgery in general has reached a great degree of progress and development in the past years, which has contributed to the diversity of techniques used in performing this type of medical procedure, including: hair transplant process.

Practical techniques natural hair transplant

Include hair transplant techniques It includes several mechanisms, the most prominent and widely used are the following:

FUT Hair Transplant: represented hair transplant method FUT in which the doctor takes a slice from the donor area “the back of the head”, then divides that slice under the microscope into a number of grafts that are re-implanted in the affected area. In the following stages, one graft is divided into approximately four hairs, which works to intensify the hair more .

FUE hair transplant (FUE): Depends on this type of hair transplant techniques The good follicles are removed from the donor area in the patient’s body, where they are placed in a solution that maintains their vital activity before being transplanted again in the affected area. Through this technique, about 4000 follicles can be transplanted during one treatment session.

NeoGraft hair transplantation: This type of hair transplant techniques One of the advanced methods of harvesting, where NeoGraft . device With the same mechanism, it achieves more accurate results and does not leave any traces or scars after the completion of the cosmetic procedure.

Hair transplantation using the Choi pen technique: represent DHI hair transplantation Also known as Choi Pen Choi Pen One of the most recent FUE hair transplant styles; Where the transplantation process is carried out using a sophisticated medical tool, which is a pen that enables the doctor to implant the follicles in the specified areas with extreme precision without the need for a surgical scalpel or making holes in the scalp, which achieves good results and at the same time limits the chances of exposure to any health complications.

Natural hair transplant techniques

hair transplant techniques Italian or industrial

The difference between natural and artificial hair transplantation lies in a number of differences Like the raw material used in the manufacture of filaments, as for hair transplant method It is fixed itself, as this process is carried out in a simple way using a very fine medical needle, which is used to install the artificial hair fibers in the scalp holes designated for it.

mention that Artificial hair transplant At the beginning of its appearance, it suffered from several problems, most notably the patient’s lack of response to the artificial fibers, which caused it to fall shortly after the operation, but with its development more modern types appeared, such as Italian hair transplant which yields better results.

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hair transplant method

The difference between natural hair transplant And the industrialist in the procedure mechanism and the set of steps and stages through which each of them is carried out, as follows:

First: the steps of natural hair transplantation

has become hair operations Thanks to the development of medical technologies, it is classified as one of the Cosmetic surgery common and simple at the same time; It is done through a set of simple steps are as follows:

  1. The first step is to conduct a consultation session with the specialist doctor to get acquainted with the medical history and make sure that there are no health contraindications that prevent the operation.
  2. During the same session, the number of follicles that the patient needs to transplant to achieve the required density is determined
  3. The steps of hair transplantation actually begin with local anesthesia of the patient
  4. The doctor removes the follicles from the donor area, whether the operation is with the technique of slides or picking
  5. The doctor makes tiny holes in the affected area of ​​the scalp
  6. The extracted follicles are re-implanted in the holes using highly advanced medical techniques

process takes natural hair transplant It takes a relatively long time, ranging from approximately four to six hours. The difference in the estimated time to complete the stages of the operation is due to the difference in the number of follicles or grafts implanted from one patient to another, as well as according to the type of technique used.

Natural hair transplant steps

Second: The steps of artificial hair transplantation

Witness plastic surgery history That all of its types suffered from many problems in the beginning and gradually got rid of them with the technical development and the development of new mechanisms to conduct them. This literally applies to the operations of Artificial hair transplant Which has become safe and easy, and the steps to take are as follows:

  1. A sample of the patient’s hair is obtained and sent to the specialized laboratory to manufacture synthetic hair that matches it in terms of texture and color
  2. The patient is locally anesthetized in preparation for the start of the operation
  3. The doctor conducts a test called the “100 hair test” to make sure the patient’s body responds to synthetic fibers
  4. The doctor completes the implantation of the hairs in the scalp using a special, very precise surgical needle

It is clear from the above that hair transplant method Biofiber or synthetic hair has fewer stages, and therefore it takes relatively less time to complete; The estimated time to complete the surgery is one or two hours at the most.

Artificial hair transplant steps

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Hair transplant results

The timing of the appearance of the results of hair transplants is one of the essential differences between the two types of artificial hair and natural hair, especially since hair transplant experiences It has proven that there is a huge variance in the time required for the final results of that cosmetic procedure to appear and then be able to evaluate it.

characterized Stages of transplanted hair growth -that is, natural hair- is multiplied, and therefore it takes a long time to complete it, as the difference cannot be noticed tangibly before the lapse of about six full months since the procedure, while the final results are delayed for a whole year and may extend beyond that in some cases, with reference to The quality of the achieved results is closely related to the extent of hair health care during its various stages of growth.

While the opposite is true for synthetic hair, as hair transplant method Of this type, the advantage of obtaining immediate results as soon as the treatment session is completed without the need for the follicles to go through the usual growth cycle, the quality of the results achieved through this procedure depends on the quality of the fibers used in the manufacture of the implanted hairs, the best of which is Italian hair.

Hair transplant results

Advantages and disadvantages of types of hair transplant

A large number of those wishing to perform hair transplant operations wonder about which of the two types is better, natural hair or artificial hair? However, the answer to that question is relative, as what suits one person may not be suitable for the other, so the optimal answer may be to monitor the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of each kind of them.

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Pros and Cons natural hair transplant

Natural hair transplants are the most attractive to patients in the world if they are appropriate for them, of course, due to the many advantages available in this type of hair operations, foremost of which are the following:

  • Multiple options hair transplant techniques
  • Delivers effective results that last a lifetime
  • Greater freedom in dealing with hair, such as lengthening it, shortening it and changing the method of styling

In return for these advantages, there are a number of negative aspects that should not be overlooked, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • The newly transplanted hair falls out after a few weeks to grow again
  • The results of the final operation take long periods of time, up to two years in some cases
  • Fragment hair transplant leaves scars on the scalp
  • Increased risk of bleeding during or after surgery
  • Suffering from side effects, most notably swelling and slight pain
  • Relatively high costs of natural hair transplants

Advantages and disadvantages of natural hair transplant

Pros and Cons Artificial hair transplant

The rates of demand for artificial hair transplantation have increased significantly in recent years compared to the past. This, of course, was not achieved by a vacuum; Rather, it is the result of many advantages, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Significantly lower cost compared to other types of hair transplant
  • The ability to see the hairs and test their texture and quality before the operation
  • The process achieves immediate results without the need to wait for new hair to grow
  • It takes less time to recover from its effects
  • Suitable for those with advanced alopecia who lack donor areas
  • Safe procedure for the elderly (over 60 years old)
  • It does not result in pain and does not leave the slightest trace of scars

The other side of this cosmetic procedure includes a set of negatives that must be taken into account, most notably the limitation of the person’s freedom to deal with the hairs, since in the end they are synthetic fibers and not real hair, in addition to several other negatives such as:

  • The transplanted hair falls out by about 20% as a result of combing and daily habits
  • Increases the chances of thinning the scalp
  • Synthetic hair, of course, cannot be dyed, straightened, or otherwise
  • Synthetic hair with fixed lengths ranging from 10:25 cm maximum
  • Its results are temporary, but they last for long periods, ranging from 7 to 10 years

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial hair transplantation

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