اضرار وتجارب kaminomoto trigger مسرع نمو الشعر واسعاره والاصلي والتقليد

Last Updated on April 20, 2022

Kaminomoto Treasure kaminomoto trigger One of the best hair care products Japanese The craft is perfect, it contains a special formula for complete care of the scalp, an excellent accelerator for hair growth, activates blood circulation in the head, promotes hair health and prevents hair loss, and it also has many benefits for treating many hair problems, you can use Kaminomoto Trigger to treat (hair loss) late and early), dry hair and dandruff.

Note: The information on this page was collected from several sources including the manufacturer, and we have not been able to verify it yet.

Kaminomoto Treasure price in Amazon Saudi Arabia/

The price of the Kaminomoto hair growth accelerator in Saudi Arabia ranges between 240 to 450 Saudi riyals, per bottle of 180 ml, according to the seller, see the price on the Saudi Amazon from here.

The price of the Kaminomoto Treasure in Egypt from the Jumia store ranges from 1100 to 2350 pounds, see the store from here.

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damage Kaminomoto Trigger Accelerator hair grow

What are the side effects of Camino Moto Hair Growth Accelerator?

What are the side effects of Camino Moto Hair Growth Accelerator?

No damage has been proven to the kaminomoto hair growth product so far, and according to the company, it is made of natural materials and herbs, and therefore its use does not result in any harmful effects, and pregnant and lactating women can use it without any damage.

According to users, hundreds of users who have evaluated the product on electronic stores such as Amazon and others, did not mention that it caused them any damage or side effects, and while opinions were divided between that it was effective and benefited them, and that it was not useful and did not stop the fall, they did not mention that it caused them any damage, except One or two people, including one person mentioned that he had a crust, and two people said that the fallout increased, only the rest, and the number exceeding 400 people, did not mention any damage or problems caused by the Kaminomoto.

As for the medical or scientific opinion, there is no official body or a reliable global website that mentioned the product as good or bad, but there are some doctors who praise it and some doctors who say that a study has not been conducted on the product yet to prove its usefulness or harm.

Kaminomoto hair growth accelerator

After we learned about the benefits and prices of the hair growth accelerator, the Kaminomoto experiments, it remains for us to know the real experiences of those who used this product, and the first of these experiences are:

1- My experience with Kaminomoto for hair with Dr. nada

Dr. nada elmahdy’s experience on her YouTube channel She recounts her experience and says that it is an important product for accelerating hair growth, and that she read a lot about the product because its price is expensive, and that she used it because her hair started falling out due to psychological pressures, and she treated herself from anemia.

She resorted to the Kaminomoto hair therapist and tried it, and it was as an offer at 750 pounds in pharmacies in Egypt. It explains the components of the product that allow the blood circulation to regenerate, and the new growth of follicles, Baby Hair.

The product contains rosemary to clean the scalp from dandruff, the product has a fragrant smell and does not contain sticky oils.

She explained how to use the product by applying it to the scalp and massaging it to get guaranteed results.

It is advised not to buy the product except from a safe place for the safety and health of the hair, and you must ensure the validity, and the country of origin.

To continue the experience from here

2- The kaminomoto hair experience with Amy Atef

Emy Atef under the title kaminomoto is the best product I have tried to lengthen hair and fill in the blanks

She started her experience by showing the price of the product in pharmacies and explaining the method of use, which is to use 4 cm twice a day for three months.

The product is not sticky or greasy and does not cause clogging of the hair pores. It is light and has a calm smell and can be used at any time. I noticed the difference in the length of the hair and with the appearance of a new Baby Hair, and it became a treatment for the emergence and prevention of hair loss.

Amy Atef notes that the packaging is unsuitable and the medication can be wasted.

Watch the full experience here

3- The third experiment: under the title kaminomoto hair loss rescue

It is narrated by the owner of Keto Girl Q8

She says that the product restored her falling hair, and to obtain certain results, she mixed the two products, which gave her stronger results. This is in addition to hair pills to strengthen the follicles. She points out that kaminomoto, like water, does not block pores, and advised women to take iron to strengthen hair.

To watch the experience from here

Kaminomoto types (the difference between the Kaminomoto Treasure, Tonic and Accelerator)/

There are several types of Camino Moto for hair, so which one is right for you!



KAMINOMOTO HAIR GROWTH TRIGGER The original KAMINOMOTO HAIR TRIGGER – which consists of raw medicines and plant extracts – works to rejuvenate the dormant blood vessels around the hair roots and the hair papilla below the hair follicle, and activates the nutrition of the hair roots from the surrounding blood vessels, and works To promote the production of new hair by activating the hair papilla for production again.

It is used to treat stages Late hair loss (extremely falling out for a while), advanced hair thinning cases, and treatment for very thin or light hair in which the scalp can be seen. Treating dandruff and itching

KAMINOMOTO HAIR GROWTH TRIGGER helps normalize the hair growth cycle as it was, and helps make hair strong and voluminous. This Triger product is effective (as stated by the manufacturer) in treating circular hair loss. This product is unscented.


We find that the price of the Kaminomoto Treasure in Saudi Arabia is 300 to 425 riyals, watch on Amazon Saudi from here.

The price of the Kaminomoto Treasure in Egypt 2022 from the Amazon Egypt store is 1999 pounds, see the store from here or from Jumia from here.

How to use Kaminomoto TRIGGER, Accelerator and Tonic:

The method of use is the same for the three products (Kaminomoto TRIGGER, Kaminomoto Accelerator and Kaminomoto Tonic), and the method is as follows (according to the manufacturer’s website):

  • Spray a generous amount of Kaminomoto Treasure on your scalp. (Can put 2.5 to 3 ml) each time.
  • Gently massage with your fingertips.
  • It is recommended to apply a large amount of treatment before bedtime to allow the natural ingredients that nourish the scalp to work more effectively during sleep.
  • Kaminomoto Hair Treasure is used twice a day.
  • Quantity: In general, the appropriate use rate is from 1 to 1 and a half cans per month (according to the manufacturer).
  • Tip: Applying an appropriate amount regularly over a long period of time is more effective than applying a large amount of treatment at once.

2- KAMINOMOTO ACCELERATOR for medium hair loss

Kaminomoto Accelerator Price of Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator

Kaminomoto hair growth accelerator, as described by the manufacturer, addresses the root cause of hair thinning and hair loss.

KAMINOMOTO HAIR GROWTH ACCELERATORⅡ Helps normalize the hair growth cycle by improving the environment around the hair roots, pores and scalp. It increases the function of hair growth. It promotes new hair growth.
used in cases Hair loss in the middle stage, and cases of thin or less flexible and strong hair. Or the onset of thinning hair (thin hair), dandruff and itching.

Hinokitiol, which is extracted from the Japanese cypress hinoki tree, has antiseptic power to prevent dandruff, itching and hair loss, making hair strong and healthy.
The product is non-sticky and non-oily, giving a smooth feel.

The price of the Kaminomoto hair growth accelerator in Egypt is between 999 and 1150 pounds, see the offers on Amazon Egypt from here.

The Camino Moto Hair Growth Accelerator and ACCELERATOR Medium Hair Loss Treatment price in Saudi Arabia equals 150 to 230 riyals, see the offers on the Saudi Amazon from hereAnd from here.

3- Kaminomoto to treat premature hair loss (Kaminomoto Tonic)

 Kaminomoto Tonic Kaminomoto Tonic Hair Tonic
Kaminomoto Tonic Kaminomoto Tonic Hair Tonic

It is used for cases of hair loss in its early stages, helps prevent hair loss, maintains the health of the scalp, helps prevent hair thinning, and helps treat dandruff and itching.
Kaminomoto Hair Growth Tonic II nourishes hair for daily care. It helps to promote blood circulation in the scalp which helps in the delivery of nutrients to the hair, and to maintain the function of the hair root.
Not sticky, not oily.

The Camino Moto Tonic Silver Hair Tonic and Anti-Hair Loss Control Price in Saudi Arabia equals 130 to 185 riyals, watched on Saudi Amazon from here.

4- Kaminomoto Mild Shampoo

Kaminomoto Mild Shampoo Kamino Moto Japanese Hair Shampoo
Kaminomoto Japanese hair shampoo

It works to maintain the health of the scalp and hair health, and leaves the hair flexible and shiny.

The price of Camino Moto shampoo in Saudi Arabia is equal to 70 to 100 riyals, watch on Saudi Amazon from here.

Use of Camino Moto Shampoo:

  • Wash your hair with warm water
  • Take an appropriate amount of Kaminomoto shampoo on your hand and rub it
  • Spread the foam on your head.
  • Massage and rub the scalp with your fingertips.
  • Wash your hair well with enough water.
  • Do not apply a large amount of shampoo as this may cause dryness of the scalp and the appearance of dandruff.

Video explaining the types of kaminomoto and the difference between them:

Kaminomoto for the treatment of hair loss and hair growth – Dr. Issam Shoman

Camino Moto Hair Prices 2022/

Kaminomoto price in Egypt 2021-2022

As for the price of Kaminomoto in Egypt 2021-2022, it is equal to 990 to 2100 pounds, depending on the type, see the offers on Amazon Egypt from here.

Kaminomoto price in Nahdi pharmacy

While the price of Kaminomoto in Al-Nahdi Pharmacy is 181.70 Saudi riyals.

Kaminomoto price in Kuwait

kaminomoto trigger kaminomoto hair trigger price in kuwait to 12 to 26 Kuwaiti dinars, depending on the type and package.

  • The difference between the original and imitation kaminomoto trigger

  • The Kamino Moto hair product is produced by the Japanese company Kaminomoto, which is specialized in the field of hair care and working to protect it from various hair problems such as hair loss and dehydration. It is a safe compound of panthenol, thyme, rosemary, neo-tacanal, calcium pantothenate, diphenhydramine hydrochloride that effectively helps the growth of follicles and protects the scalp from bacteria that cause infections, it is an excellent compound. Massage it into the scalp well and leave it on the hair. You must use it for a period of no less than three months. The company provides you with an integrated set of hair care, working to prevent hair loss, increase hair density, and remove split ends.

Kaminomoto for hair experiments kaminomoto trigger

  • kaminomoto trigger . kaminomoto hair growth accelerator
    kaminomoto trigger . hair growth accelerator

Some people have listed their different experiences with Kaminomoto, and from here we will get acquainted with what was mentioned in those experiences and the result of each of them, which are as follows:

Someone tells and says I was suffering from genetic baldness, and I tried a lot of treatments, but unfortunately none of them worked, and with the use of Kaminomoto for a month, it started to show its effect and my hair started to stop falling out.

Another narrates about his experience with kaminomoto and says I had an empty area on my head as a result of being exposed to alopecia areata, and that area became completely bald, and after I used kaminomoto, it became different, after 30 days there were some small hairs in that area after I lost hope.

One of the women tried Kaminomoto and says I had previously applied a protein to my hair, and my hair started falling out little by little, and one of my friends advised me to try Kaminomoto and it was really an effective product. .

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